Introducing a few tracks from the ‘England’ stage in DRIFT 84

With DRIFT 84 in Alpha, we thought it would be nice to introduce a few of the tracks in the England stage, the only playable stage in our soon to be release Beta. In DRIFT 84, stages are represented by different countries throughout Europe. Seeing that we are based in London, your journey begins there and takes you to the edges of the continent.

The hardest element of good game design is coherent progression in difficulty, something that takes lots of fiddling and tweaking to get right. In order to make the game feel progressive we have had to test out various combinations of tracks to identify how players respond to new challenges introduced in various races.


This is the first track in the game that utilises ‘cutting corners’. This is one of the exciting game dynamics in DRIFT 84, do you cut the corner at high speed and hope it doesn’t slow you down or drift around it taking a longer path? We have been working on ways to make not only the single player more exciting but also multiplayer play, giving racers various options when competing online.

Sandringham Track

Pitts Head

One of the classic track layouts is the figure of eight and it immediately reminds us of the Scalextrics days. We had to put in a track that had the figure-eight style layout for our own nostalgia. Pitts Head is essentially a mirrored track, perfectly symmetrical with the exception of a cut corner barrier on one of the bends.


Oval Rock

This is the last track in the England stage, with ten 90 degree turns it’s the most challenging track and will need to be completed to progress onto the next stage. It may be a good idea to upgrade your carĀ before trying to take on this raceway!



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