From nothing to real-time multiplayer racing in 7 months

If you have come across my previous blog entries, you will no doubt know that I took up programming just 6 months prior to completing DRIFT 84. What is even crazier is that I was able to turn my single player, linear racing game into a real-time, worldwide social experience.

In case you haven’t read my previous posts, I took up programming towards the end of Summer 2014 while on holiday in France. With no prior programming or game development knowledge, I dived right into the indie world and begun work on what has now become DRIFT 84. After just 6 months of development I had a mobile game worthy of a spot in the Google Play and Apple App stores (well, I think so). This was all down to the straight-forward approach GameMaker Studio employs, I picked it up in a couple of weeks.

But what’s even more incredible is that in just a couple of weeks, myself and the tiny team here at Reventador managed to turn my solo racing game into a fully operational, real-time social experience. Something you would normally expect from a AAA game, not a small indie project, all made possible by the incredibly powerful and easily integrated Nextpeer Social SDK.



I met Shai, Nextpeers co-founder and CEO at PG Connects 2015 in London, just a few minutes walk from our studio and can confidently say that our meeting justified the entire show, single handedly. Nextpeer offers developers a quick, easily integrated and extremely powerful multiplayer service that integrates social networking and fully sync and a-sync play modes.


We spent a couple of days building an extension for GameMaker Studio as Nextpeer currently only supports seamless integration with Unity. After building our own extension from scratch, we had the game working in no time. You can see the feed in the screenshot above. This is a real time social feed full of screenshots, mentions of the game and the ability to challenge social players.



Hit quick play and you’ll be paired up with another racer, ideally one that’s not too far from you and also one of similar skill based on Nextpeers awesome ranking algorithm. If no one is online, Nextpeer will feed a recording of a player within your skill level, so you always have someone to race. What’s better is that Nextpeer works cross platform, so our Android racers can take on iOS drifters from across the globe. If you don’t want to dive across the pond just yet, you can race with your friends over wi-fi LAN for the ultimate drifting challenge.

There are far too many features to mention in one article, but I just wanted to let everyone know we will be releasing our iOS and Android extension for GameMaker Studio very shortly, allowing current GM:S developers to integrate Nextpeer into your game with just one click.

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