Adding some IAP without looking like douchebags

With our game finished, it’s time to monetise. As great as it is to offer a game for free, we kinda need to have some monetisation otherwise it’s going to be one pretty damn expensive contribution to the app store.

From day one I always said how I hated the IAP models and some of the sleazy tactics employed by developers to rinse cash from everyday folks. For this reason we said goodbye to the ‘premium currency’ model. Just one currency in DRIFT 84, coins. You earn coins by winning races and performing fast and furious worthy drifts around our tracks. However if you wish, you can buy a load of coins and speed up the natural progression for the game. We kinda think people will do this to compete with their friends online, no point racing against your friends if they have a tricked out ride and you’re still sitting in a Hyundai (my actual first car).

We’re also going to offer some non-consumable, one time purchases that will increase a few cool in game stats. Earn coins twice as fast, unlock all the tracks or trick out all your rides out with a permanent speed increase. It sounds bad but I guess these are more like donations for us. If you enjoyed the game, give us some cash and as a thank you we will give you something cool in game.

Of course, we’re going to let you know about these every now and then in game, but in no way force them down your throat with timers and misleading clickbait. At the end of the day we need to eat too, and Tom likes his Wagyu beef medium rare.

With that being said, you can just download DRIFT 84 and play it through a few times without spending a penny, it’s all free and can be earned with some blood, sweat and rubber skid marks.

I think it’s really important with this IAP stuff to remember that at the end of the day – it’s a game. We all want to make a living out of making free games but you gotta face facts. If you spend half the playtime dangling real-currency purchases in users faces they’re going to get pissed of and ultimately go elsewhere. I would rather have a game that people loved and used than one that milked players for every last dime in their pockets. Isn’t that what Clash of Clans is for?

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