Welcome To DRIFT 84

80’s Nostalgia and Drift Racing Free for your mobile.


DRIFT 84 is a top down mobile racing game where the goal is to out drift your friends around 50 tracks and take on the world in a tuned up race car. You’ll need to get perfect lap times on the intricate and challenging tracks hosted across several countries throughout Europe.

Race real-time with your friends or leadboard victors as you make your way to the top. Choose your ride carefully, a perfect drift requires skill and balance.

Beautifully Hand Painted Tracks

Most of our art has been graphically designed, but our tracks have been beautifully hand painted using digital painting software to give a realistic perception. Some elements have been rendered in 3D, with painted textures and then imported into the game in 2D to reduce the CPU and GPU load – saving that all important mobile battery.

Choose Your Monster

Pick from 6 extremely varied racing and drifting cars. Want to melt rubber, oversteering your way through bends? Pick a ride with a more relaxed traction control. Fancy cutting through the apex at high speed, pick something with some serious tyres. All of the cars have advanced physics accounting for torque on all four wheels for the ultimate drifting experience.

Games Kill Battery life

Well they don’t have to


We have built DRIFT 84 with the day to day gamer in mind. Intensive 3D racing games are built to utilise all of your devices CPU (processor) and GPU (Graphics Card). However, DRIFT 84 is built in a dynamic custom engine which delivers high performance and frame rates at minimal cost. Using less than half of the resources available on the iPhone 5, you can play DRIFT 84 anywhere, anytime, without fear of eating up that all important battery power.

Modify To The Max

In DRIFT 84 you have the ability to modify your car for an enhanced racing or drifting experience. You can tighten up the handling, reduce the amount of drift your car produces and of course, beef up the engine. Modifying your car will allow you to get around tracks faster and pushing your times up the global leaderboards.

Feel The Wheel

When we programmed the physics engine for DRIFT 84 we had realism in mind. As much as the game is fun, easy to play and super addictive, we want it to feel like you’re drifting in a real car. To do this we had to think carefully about the right balance of ‘gameplay’ and realistic physics. After 3 totally unique engines we came up with the perfect balance of fun and authentic on road response.

Compete Against The Globe

Want to challenge your friends? Fancy yourself a bit of a pro racer? Your track times are automatically stored on your device and uploaded to the global leaderboard when connected to a network. No more ‘King of the Arcade‘, just King of the World.

In-App Purchases, The Right Way

We don’t like in-app purchases, free should be free, not free with adverts, interruptions or daily play limits. Our in-app purchases are for mods and cars only, and you can earn these by completing races too! If you’re eager to get onto the track with your new ride, fully modded out and ready to take on your friends, we have your back. You can purchase coins to spend on modifications and new cars if you can’t put in the man hours to earn the hottest ride.

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